Foodie Exchange: care packages from around the world

Evelyne Budkewitsch, the blogger behind has started a funky little group of foodies on Ning.

Her group: Foodie Exchange is for foodies around the world who wish to exchange their local food specialties as a care package with other foodies.

All you have to do:

  • Register: it’s free, but a small contribution to PayPal would be appreciated as Ning is now charging group owners to host their site.
  • Give a little info about yourself and the type of food you can send from your country.
  • Look at other members and find someone you would like to do an exchange with or check for the monthly exchange thread in the forum. It’s that simple!

The amount of each care package is limited at around $10.

What a fantastic idea!

If you do register, come say Hi! My name is Indigonat. I will be posting images of my first exchange once I receive my first care package.

Here are some examples of  care packages that were sent by members:

Photo Credit: Beryl Cohen on Foodies Exchange (care package from Rossela, Milan)

Photo Credit: Elena Bocca. Foodie Exchange with France

Photo Credit: Evelyne B. from Foodie Exchange

Credits and Sources:

  • Images for this post were taken on Foodie Exchange with credit given to their authors
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3 Responses to “Foodie Exchange: care packages from around the world”

  1. Oh how great! thank you so much for this post and spreading the foodie exchange word. Glad you joined!

    Hey want to do an exchange, do it over coffee…ha ha, kidding.

  2. Merci pour ce lien, je viens de m’inscrire, mais on dirait que la communauté est encore assez limité.
    As tu trouvé quelqu’un pour un échange ?


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