Lunch à Porter – the best bento boxes in Montreal

Lunch à Porter is a new online store from Montreal that specializes in eco-intelligent, designer lunch gear. They deliver in Canada and the USA.

I discovered them by looking at their window display in Old Montreal.  I was like a child in front of a candy store. I ran into Olive & Gourmando to inquire about their new neighbour and to see when the store would open, but they told me that for the moment, Lunch à Porter only used the windows of a former restaurant to promote their products and website. Sigh! the good news is that they might open a real store in Old Montreal next year!

I have to confess that I have been on a quest for the best bento boxes for ages and apart from finding a couple of models available at Mortimer Snodgrass and one cool bento box at Boutique du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, I had resorted to order them from Casa Bento, an online store for France. But not anymore as Nobuko Nadeau, the owner of Lunch à Porter, made my dream a reality by launching her online store right in Montreal, saving me a lot of money in custom fees. Nobuko also has an associate Rika Takahashi who lives in Japan and who is on the lookout for the best models, so we can expect to see new models on a regular basis. Both owners are big fans of “Waste-free lunches” and they subscribe to 1% for the planet. As an eco-conscious foodie,  I totally support them in their quest. In addition to bringing your lunch to work, Lunch à Porter bento boxes and lunch gear can also be used for picnics or for carrying tasty treats for outdoor activities.

Here are some of my favourite models:

COLORS Collection, Sky Blue, $29

Men's DELI 2-tiered Lunch Box, $27

PEAR Collection, Sky Blue, $29

MODE LINE Aluminum Lunch Box, $25

Stainless Steel Hygienic Lunch Box by THERMOS, $25

DOT & BORDER Mini Condiment Cups, $4

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5 Responses to “Lunch à Porter – the best bento boxes in Montreal”

  1. This is so beautiful!!! I really love casabento <3

  2. I agree – I discovered Lunch-a-Porter a short time ago, and am impressed with the variety of bento boxes and accessories. A particular favorite of mine is the mon mode bowl series, I can fit a bagel or breakfast pastry in the top tier, and the bottom bowl is perfect for making ramen for lunch. So impressed with it, I gave one as a gift to a family member who is also a bento fanatic. Being from the States, there aren’t tons of choices for traditional and kawaii bento gear here unless you want tupperware-style (which is perfectly ok, but not as fun :).

    I have not had a good experience ordering from CasaBento, as their shipping information and customer service are flawed and not properly updated.

    Thank you for the details in your post – I do hope the brick-and-mortar store is a success. It may just be the excuse I need to finally visit Quebec. :) Bonne chance!

  3. I am so excited to have a real bento shop in Montreal next year !!! That is such good news… My favorite online bento boxes are (in both french and english !) enjoy !

  4. Yes Marion, it’s great. You can order online and delivery is quick. I got two pieces and I LOVE them.

  5. Casabento is great but for Montrealers is much easier to order from Lunch à Porter as there are no custom fees to pay ;-D